Green Belt with Brown Stripe - Yonkyu


The Green with Brown Stripe belt represents a period of refinement for our students. This is the final step before Brown Belt, so we take this stage in the training very seriously. Refining past material is important, since most of our brown belts become Black Belts.

Material & Techniques
(Required before next rank)

Written Test

At Master Dwire's discretion, a written exam may be presented on test day. If you fail the written exam you will not pass the test. Tests will only happen if it appears that the students have not been studying their material and cannot answer questions during group discussions.


One paragraph essay: Why is it important to stay in school? Give reasons. (May be checked within one week of test)


- Knife hand blocks (circular and downward)


- Back leaning stance
- Bo stance
- Japanese twist stance
- Review all previously learned stances


- Rising front punch
- Bridge finger
- Finger whip
- Willow palm
- Bear paw
- Phoenix strike
- 12 strikes with the escrima stick
- 25 outside hand strikes (left and right)


- Tornado kick
- Flying side blade kick

Self-Defense Techniques

- Multiple attackers
- 4 defenses for front and back chokes
- 4 defenses for wrist and lapel grabs
- 2 defenses for all club strikes


- All combinations must be performed right- and left-handed
- Eleven
- Seventeen
- Nineteen


- San

Additional Information

- Kempo punch techniques related to the ten-point blocking system
- Animal techniques

William K.S. Chow

The following questions should be addressed following your research of William Chow's contributions to martial arts. We will provide you with a information if you cannot find it on the internet.
1. What age did Chow drop out of school?
2. What was Chow's complete name?
3. What is interesting about William Chow's brother Frank?
4. What were two of Professor Chow's nicknames?
5. Name two of Prof. Chow's Successors (this is tricky - there are 2)
6. Name two of Prof. Chows martial styles he taught
7. Why did many of Chow's advanced students leave him?