Blue Belt with Green Stripe - 1st Rokkyu


The Blue belt with green stripe is when the Dragon-Phoenix Martial Arts student begins specific study of individual Kempo founders. The historical research component of our system is designed to enrich the martial arts experience for our students. Learning the link that our present system has to the past enables students to see that they are part of a continuous line, which started over 1500 years ago. The initial research topic is the Buddhist monk Bodhidharma, who is commonly accepted as the person most responsible for the beginning of Shaolin Kempo.

Material & Techniques
(Required before next rank)

Written Test

At Master Dwire's discretion, a written exam may be presented on test day. If you fail the written exam you will not pass the test. Tests will only happen if it appears that the students have not been studying their material and cannot answer questions during group discussions.


- Crane's wings blocks (both kinds)
- Ridge hand block


- Poison thumb
- Reinforced poison thumb
- Iron thumb
- Rising, upward, and butting (reverse roundhouse) elbow
- Crane's beak


- Hook kick
- Stepping stool kick
- Axe kick
- Wheel kick
- Hinge kick

Self-Defense Techniques

- Stabbing knife (adults)
- Overhead knife (sdults)
- Additional grabs will be shown throughout the remainder of the curriculum


- Ten
- Twelve


- 2 Kata

Weapon Forms

- Tiger bo or Kama kata (instructor's choice)

Additional Information

- Additional Kempo punch techniques will be taught throughout the rest of the curriculum.
    Note:   At a minimum, you must learn one Kempo punch technique for every combination!
- Various joint locks and holds.
- 2 animal techniques
   Crane:   Jump back right foot left crane stance (left hip towards attacker) left
           downward crane block, right guard above head. Controls punch hand with block,
           left hinge kick to groin. Step down left, right cranes beak nose. Grab back of
           head with right(still controlling arm with left hand) Right knee to stomach, step
           forward with right will pushing head down and lifting arm skywards (cowboy throw)

   Snake:   Step back left foot right snake stance. Right circular inward ridge hand
           block, left circular finger whip towards eye (just for distraction) Left hand
           controls punch while leaning forwards doing a right handed poke to throat then the
           left hand slides under right hand towards face poking into the attackers eyes.
           Shifting weight back to left foot do inverted snakes kick to neck.


The following questions should be addressed following your research of Bodhidharma's contributions to martial arts. You are encouraged to do your own research using the Internet. If this is not possible help will be given to those who need it.
1. Where did Bodhidharma originate from?
2. When and why did Bodhidharma decide to travel to China?
3. What religion did Bodhidharma follow?
4. What did Bodhidharma introduce at the Shaolin temple?
5. What is the legend about Bodhidharma meditating in the cave?
6. What did the Chinese call Bodhidharma?
7. What did the Japanese call Bodhidharma?
8. What does Shih Pa Lo Han So mean?
9. What was the Shih Pa Lo Han So system based on?
10. Why was Bodhidharma disappointed when he arrived at the Shaolin Temple?