Blue Belt - 2nd Rokkyu


At blue belt, you start to work more with partners and sparring becomes a more common place. Your foundation of basics should now be at a level that we do not have to worry about control issues. With control, you should have the ability to execute a technique with power while still being able to pull the strikes so as not to injure your partner.

Material & Techniques
(Required before next rank)

Written Test

At Master Dwire's discretion, a written exam may be presented on test day. If you fail the written exam you will not pass the test. Tests will only happen if it appears that the students have not been studying their material and cannot answer questions during group discussions.


- Downward X block
- Inverted ridge hand block
- Dragon block


- Cross body shuto
- Downward elbow
- Immortal man


- Spinning reverse crescent kick
- Front heel

Self-Defense Techniques

- Side head lock
- Bear hug
- Stabbing knife
- Overhead club
- Side club


- Heian Nidan (second half) or
- Tiger Finds its Claws

Additional Information

- 1 animal technique
   Dragon:    Step back with left foot almost facing completely the opposite direction,
           downward 3 block, rising right heel kick to stomach.

- 2 Kempo punch techniques
   (1)    RT crescent kick to striking hand, RT thrust kick to stomach (do not touch down
           after crescent), step down after thrust kick towards opponent, spinning back kick
           with left foot to stomach

   (2)    Half moon forward with LT foot. LT inward palm block, RT roundhouse elbow to
           stomach, LT roundhouse elbow to ribs, RT ridge hand to groin.


1.  Shin Pa Lo Han So: The 18 hands of Lo Han
2.  Chuan Fa: Fist Way
3.  Kempo: Law of the fist (later version of Chuan Fa)
4.  Pinan: Peaceful
5.  Shaolin: Young Forest
6.  Kosho Ryu: Old Pine Tree School
7.  Kempo: Japanese translation of Chuan Fa
8.  Kajukenbo Combination of karate, Judo/Jujitsu, Kempo (using the "Kenpo"
      spelling), and Chinese boxing
9.  Go Shinjutsu: Self-Defense
10. Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu: Modern, organized form of Kempo self-defense system, using
      pinans, katas,and numbered combinations