Brown Belt, 3rd Degree - Sankyu


Brown 3rd is often the point at which the student truly sees the proverbial light at the end of the black belt tunnel. As instructors, we begin preparing the student for the role of black belt at Dragon-Phoenix Martial Arts. During the brown belt stage, students who wish to teach one day may be required to spend extra time in the dojo, not only for added instruction, but also to learn administrative functions of the school.

Material & Techniques
(Required before next rank)

Written Test

At Master Dwire's discretion, a written exam may be presented on test day. If you fail the written exam you will not pass the test. Tests will only happen if it appears that the students have not been studying their material and cannot answer questions during group discussions.


- Ram's head
- Blood palms (both methods)
- 25 inside hand strikes (left and right)


- Snake kick
- Inverted snake kick
- Shin kick
- Jumping side kick
- Jumping front ball kick

Self-Defense Techniques

- All knife angle strikes
- Six knife slashes and extensions


- One
- Twenty
- Twenty-six


- Shusi-No-Kon-Sho (beginning only)
- 3 Kata
- 4 Kata (beginning only)

Adriano Emperado & Victor "Sonny" Gascon

1. What was Adriano Emperado's favorite saying about training?
2.. Where was Professor Emperado born? What was his ethnicity?
3. What was/is the "Black Belt Society"?
5. What was Gascon's training regiment at Griffith Park in Los Angeles?
6. What war did Professor Emperado fight in?
7. What happened when Ed Parker was called to "Quiet down" Gascon and his workers at the Record Rack Service warehouse?
8. When did Sonny Gascon change his art from Kajukenbo to Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu? Why?

Walter Godin & Kimo Ferreira

1. Who gave Walter Godin the title of Professor?
2. What system did Prof. Godin help co-create?
3. Who gave Prof. Kimo his Master title and 5th Dan?
4. What system is Prof. Kimo the founder of?
5. What other styles is Prof. Kimo a black belt in?