Brown Belt, 2nd Degree - Nikyu


You are almost there. At 2nd degree level you will finish up all non-weapon forms required for black belt. Halfway through this rank you will be asked to move up to the black belt class for constant review. This will happen once all material for Brown 2nd has been acquired. You are now at the top of your class and should take seriously your position as a role model for those students in line behind you.

Material & Techniques
(Required before next rank)

Written Test

At Master Dwire's discretion, a written exam may be presented on test day. If you fail the written exam you will not pass the test. Tests will only happen if it appears that the students have not been studying their material and cannot answer questions during group discussions.

Written Kempo Punch Techniques

You must present, in writing, all the Kempo punch techniques that you have learned before you can test. When they are returned with corrections, those corrections must be made and the written descriptions must be re-submitted.


- Spike finger
- Snake strike
- Snake's tooth


- Mule kick (back rising heel)

Self-Defense Techniques

- Baseball bat
- Seven open-handed knife parries - Review all grabs and locks


- Twenty-one
- Twenty-four


- 4 Kata
- 5 Kata

Additional Information

- A total of at least 10 animal techniques
- Proficiency in throws: shoulder, hip, cowboy, spiral

S. George Pesare & Nick Cerio

1. What was George Pesare's profession outside of the martial arts?
2. When did Nick Cerio pass away?
3. Name the black belts that George Pesare possesses, other than Kempo?
4. When did Nick Cerio receive his 1st Dan?
5. When did Nick Cerio receive his 9th Dan?
6. When did Cerio and Pesare meet?
7. When did Nick Cerio begin studying the martial arts?
8. With whom did Nick Cerio study?
9. Who awarded Nick Cerio a Shodan in 1967?
10. What honor did Nick Cerio receive from the World Council of Sokes?
11. How long did it take Nick Cerio to earn his black belt from George Pesare?