Brown Belt, 1st Degree - Ikkyu


Students at the Brown 1st stage will spend approximately six months refining everything they have learned in the past years of study. Conditioning is also a priority, since the Black Belt test is an aerobic endeavor as well as a test of knowledge. Students are also expected to fully embrace the idea of professionalism at this stage. Any lapses in dojo etiquette and/or character must be addressed prior to Black Belt certification. Brown 1st students will often be used as assistants to instructors, and should be willing and able to perform such duties. The purpose of this is to not only show the instructors that you can do the material but that you also understand the material well enough to teach it to a lower rank.

This is your last rank before Black Belt! You must be able to show any lower rank any of your techniques on demand. You must know all your information inside and out. Train on your own daily, running should be added to your home training to help you physically pass the Black Belt Test.

Material & Techniques
(Required before next rank)

Review & Refine

- Review and refine all stances, blocks, strikes, kicks, combinations, punch techniques, self defense techniques, and forms

Self-Defense Techniques

By this point, you must have at least five of each of the following:
    - Single wrist grabs
    - Double wrist grabs
    - Front chokes
    - Back chokes
    - Double lapel grabs


- Thirteen


- At least two weapons forms

Additional Information

- At least three animal techniques for each of the five animals

Master Rudy Duncan & Master Jesse E. Dwire IV

1) When did Master Duncan open his first school? Where?
2) What location of Master Duncan's did Master Dwire start his training?
3) What other systems is Master Duncan ranked in?
4) When did Master Duncan get his Shodan in Kempo?
5) What year did Master Dwire get his Shodan in Kempo?
6) Where did Master Dwire open his first School? What did he call it?
7) When did Master Dwire move to Massachusetts?
8) What was Master Dwire's child-hood dream name for a karate school?
9) When did he accomplish that dream?
10) What 3 systems and from whom did Master Dwire receive his 5th degree and title?
11) What do you plan on doing after black belt?