Seminars & Events

The dojo (school) is where training starts at DPMA, but not where it ends. DPMA is proud to host the annual New England Martial Arts Festival, which gives hundreds of students from dozens of schools the opportunity to train for several days with legendary martial artists including Professor Rudy Duncan (KemChiDo), Shihan Jason Delucia (MMA, Aikido, and Five Animal Kung Fu), and Hanshi Vince Anthony (Aiki Bujustsu).

We also host a variety of one-day seminars, bringing in experts in Kempo and other arts, including Hung Ga (a Southern Shaolin style), Silat (a southeast Asian style that mixes empty-hand techiques with the use of machetes and sticks), and traditional weapons (including knives, swords, staffs, and more exotic weaponry).

Finally, DPMA encourages students to participate in a variety of local, regional, and national seminars and special events, including the Saratoga Martial Arts Festival, the United Adult Karate Camp, the Training Station's Martial Arts Symposium, and more!

(Left Top: Prof. Duncan promotes Shihan Dwire.)
(Right: Shihan Dwire and a student whitewater rafting at a weekend seminar.)
(Left Bottom: Students pose during a DPMA Summer Camp.)